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Saturday, 5 September 2009

Labour MP advises disillusioned constituent to Vote BNP

A friend of mine, who lives just outside of the Billesley ward in Springfield (but is in the block that our demographic wizards have 'moved' from here in order to make Billesley a more enriched area) was recently talking about the way his own life is suffering due to immigration, and how his own MP implied that his (my friends) only solution would be to vote for The British National Party in the future.

He recently sent an email to his MP Roger Godsiff as he was becoming increasingly concerned over the unruly behaviour of many of his enriched neighbours.

You may remember that Mr Godsiff was discovered to have claimed for bath mats, gardening equipment and more than £7,000 of property repairs on his office expenses, as revealed earlier this year in the Daily Torygraph.

Here is his email (submitted via, with his identity concealed as he is mindful of the possibility of reprisals. I must stress that he is not a member of the BNP and did not know I was until recently, and he showed me the email and the reply by his MP.

Name Withheld
Address withheld
West Midlands
B13 ???

Phone: withheld

Email: withheld

Monday 20 April 2009
Dear Roger Godsiff,

I, Sir, am becoming increasingly concerned with the behaviour and attitude of the public at large, in Birmingham.

I hate to admit it, but i am starting to become a little bit phobic toward the influx of 'Asian' peoples who have been populating our city in recent decades.

I am not particularly biased toward one race or whatever, I believe in 'live and let live' basically, but, i cannot help but notice the belligerent attitude and generally anti white culture that is now prevalent in this area.
I have seen numerous disputes recently (roads, shops, etc.) Where young Asians have harassed drivers, shopkeepers, people minding their own business.

I try not to get involved, but, i find, the ferocity, abuse, and confrontation is escalating out of all proportion.

This area is fast becoming a hot bed of strife and antiism which is rivalling the seeds of Nazism...

Name Witheld.

Now here is the letter of reply. Again, the identity of my friend is concealed

As you can clearly see, Mr Godsiff admits that he hasn't got the balls to discuss this in the houses of parliament and clearly offers my friend the option to come to us. My friend, however, is still in two minds on the subject.


  1. even Nu-labours own M.P.s live in fear of the P.C monster they fought, lied, and committed treason to create

  2. Just covered this and e-mailed the MP.